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What we are interested in:

* Essays
* Fiction (poetry, short stories, etc)
* Reviews
* Criticisms/Analysis
* Interviews

Send all pitches to In your email, in no more than 3-4 paragraphs, explain in detail what it is your pitching.

For fiction, we accept pieces in standard manuscript format. If you are unsure of what that is, refer to here for reference. We are accepting science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird, and experimental fiction. For Poetry, we accept the standard manuscript format, refer to here for reference. We will not accept work that does not have the proper format. However, if you miss something here or there, we will still look over it. Don’t send in work in the body of the email. Make sure that your name, the title of your story, and the genre is in the subject line of the email. We accept only doc. or docx. types.

For interviews, please in one paragraph who you are and who you’re interviewing and examples of their work. Please send the examples in an attachment (if it’s written work send as a pdf)

We only accept previously unpublished pieces.

NOTE: only pitch essays, analysis, criticisms. When it comes to fiction pieces, if you are submitting a short story, a paragraph synopsis of the story and the story attached in standard manuscript format will suffice. No need to cold pitch a short story.

Please go through the submissions guidelines linked HERE for full detail



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