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An Ocean's View by Samuel Ryu

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An Ocean's View by Samuel Ryu

It is quiet while I watch

the ocean softly inhale,

steadily rippling as it flees

from my scarred shore


There is a rage filled tension

as the wave prepares

to come back to ground

and swells into itself,

a breath held


I look up as the ocean exhales,

slowly pushing itself back

over the smooth sandbanks  

and I feel the cool warmth

of the sea’s whisper


As the tides slumber

I peer into the darkening blue

of the evening sky pouring into

the ocean through seams

unguarded by sand  


Suddenly there is a hush  

that falls over me, and

the already silent night  

subsides as my heart’s

thundering eases


The night’s light has gone and

soon only the water is sighing.


My hurt has faded,

my heart is still

And it is quiet.