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The Laughter of God by Anu Oluleye

Oni Magazine
The Laughter of God by Anu Oluleye

A single rain drop rolls across a leaf
A single note in a bird’s song
A single tear rolling across your dark face till you taste its salt
A single caress from the night wind
A smile forms around your mouth
Do you remember the sunlight passing through your windows
Do you remember the fragrance of the distant rains
A single caress across your back
The taste of water
the taste of a kiss
the taste of a baby’s laughter
The laugh lines around your eyes
The sadness that burns your spirit
The hands of the man down the street
The dark ribbons of their hair
A single thunder rolls across the sky
Do you remember the first rains
The feel of the soil between your feet and your hands
The hibiscus that grew from your lap
A single moan rolls across the night
Do you remember that day in April
Things so ordinary they incite holy reverence,