Before I thought of Oni, I had wanted to make a space for myself and for people like me for quite a while. I think what propelled me to do it now was finally realizing in the last space I was in there wasn't any room for me. I became fed up with being too much, or simply not being the right kind of person. Being the right kind of womon or right kind of black. Whatever “right” meant, I felt in that space I wasn't it. However even then I couldn't bring myself to do what I knew I wanted to. Days past by and I started to feel restless and unsatisfied. I want to be heard and I want to hear from others and possibly build a bridge for weirdos to find validation. Validation is honestly something that people shouldn't shy away from. Everyone wants to feel validated but I knew there were those of us who simply felt we would never get it and with that I decided to create Oni.


I had wanted Oni to be a space for speculative fiction writers of color, to bring forth their voice in a genre at this time is full to the brim with whiteness. But the more I got passionate with Oni, the more I started to envision the future of it, I realized that's not where I want to go with this. My interests are so eclectic and I know for a fact I'm not only one with a vast interest in film, literature, and music, particularly weird, experimental art. So with this thought in mind I want to keep the definition of this space open. However without a doubt I want this space to be for people of color, for we don't get to be weird or artistically radical. We’re usually pigeonholed into one type of mode of art and I want to break from that.


Oni aims to bring forth the depths in which our creativity can reach. Oni aims to get into the nook and cranny of the multidimensionality of a person of color’s life and how it affects their art. Oni will be the speaker in which a person of color can use to bring light to themselves or others. Oni aims to be a space where we foster and nurture innovative works by people of color. We aim to be distinctive voice in art. We’re looking to familiar the unfamiliar. There are works out there so beautifully sublime with nowhere to showcase itself and this is what Oni aims to do, to bring a voice to the underheard.


So with Oni, there will be a focus on works that break from the mold and works that are radical in it's realm. Weird and experimental, speculative and daring.